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Born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa, Dekker Pfab spent his childhood indulging himself in modern technology, figuring out how electronics work, and how various systems can be used in everyday life. Throughout high school and college, he built a successful business in Dubuque that offers computer repair, sales, and surveillance systems. What led to his success is his simple business plan: offer great service at competitive price.

In 2021, Dekker opened two additional locations to better serve his customers. Seeing a lack of services available in the area, he opened a location in Clinton, IA, called Clinton Tech Experts. The Clinton community responded greatly to new business coming to town, and has been an enjoyable area to do business in.

In Fall of 2021, Dekker made the big decision to physically separate all Residential and Business/Commercial services in the Dubuque area, creating The Tech Corner, located at Kennedy Mall. He realized that both residential and business clients were slowly losing quality of service because DBQ Tech Experts was overwhelmed with a difficult variety of projects. Physically separating the two parts of the business gave dedicated staff to both Residential and Business clients, allowing for a better focus on each of them.

Today, The Tech Corner is a retail location offering repairs on computers, cell phones, tablets, game systems, and other electronics. The Tech Corner also sells various second-hand electronics, as well as refurbished laptop and desktop computers. DBQ Tech Experts has fully converted to a Managed Service Provider (MSP,), offering IT services to business/commercial clients, as well as Structural Cabling, Indoor/Outdoor Wireless, Surveillance, and Access Control.

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